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Our Services

Manufacture and assembly of medical devices, cleanroom assembly, UV curing, sterile chain packaging and delivery, textiles assembly, RF welding PU and PVC, screen printing, silicone injection LSR moulding, medical silicone moulding, compression moulding and a full manufacturing service to ISO 13485:, ISO 9001: and FDA GMP standards.

  • Clean Room Assembly

    Arrow Medical offers a complete medical manufacturing resource. This extends from engineering support for prototype design from our outsource partners and pre-production, to production planning and engineering, right up to volume unit production.

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  • Textile & RF Welding

    Assembly of medical fabrics, films and textiles is one of Arrow Medical’s special skills.
    Complex products have been produced using precision fabric assembly techniques allied to RF welding, precision cutting, punching, multi-layer assembly and forming.

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  • Silicon Injection Moulding

    Liquid silicone rubber systems, compression and injection moulding, over moulding, and seals.  A full range of precision silicone moulded components is produced by Arrow Medical, including a variety of components for use in breathing apparatus for the safety industry.

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