About Us

Arrow Medical was founded in 1989. Early success led to rapid development of Arrow Medical as a contract medical manufacturer specialising in the assembly of anaesthesia devices.

A major international company chose Arrow Medical to manufacture a high volume garment used for prophylaxis treatment of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This required specialist cutting and sewing operations that are now well established and highly productive parts of Arrow Medical's capability.

To remain competitive and demonstrate total customer commitment Arrow Medical made a significant investment in radio frequency (RF) welding. This commitment to quality and productivity was rewarded with more business including components for pressure relieving mattresses that help prevent pressure ulcers (bed sores).

Arrow Medical's commitment to quality continued with further investment when the company diversified into injection and compression moulding for both silicone and organic elastomers.

The investment continued with the addition of a third clean room production facility for medical injection moulding.

Our philosophy: Continuous improvement

Arrow Medical's dedication to building quality products is the centrepiece of our company philosophy. Arrow Medical is committed to fulfilling ongoing quality requirements through continuous improvement programmes of all internal processes.

Quality manufacture to ISO 13485

Your partner for the future

Arrow Medical takes your product designs, manufacturing these using the best production engineering techniques. This includes advice on production processes, material selection, sterilization, and packaging to the relevant quality standards.

Arrow Medical is recognised as an Investor in People.