Clean Room Assembly

Delivering quality results in Class 10,000 cleanrooms

Arrow Medical offers a complete medical manufacturing resource. This extends from engineering support for prototype design and pre-production, to production planning and engineering, right up to volume unit production. 

Arrow Medical maintains three Class 10,000 clean room assembly facilities for the assembly of single use devices and other Class 2 and Class 3 products for use in anaesthetic, emergency and cardiac treatments. 

The clean room facilities support Arrow Medical’s production of laryngeal masks and allied products, including many different types of tubing sets, to a high and consistent standard to meet the needs of a global market.

Arrow Medical’s clean rooms are designed for quality assembly of advanced devices as well as precision moulded polymers and metal components.

Arrow Medical facilities are fully qualified for delivery straight to the customer. This includes components, sub-assemblies and complete products, fully assembled and packaged ready for use in clinical environments.

Complete facilities are provided for:

  • Assembly of medical devices
  • Injection moulding
  • Packaging ready for sterilisation using gamma or ETO methods

The clean rooms can accommodate ancillary and component processes, such as silicone moulding, gluing and bonding, depending upon the customer’s requirements. All processes meet ISO 13485:2003 ISO 9001:2000 and other relevant standards, including FDA GMP.

As an Investor in People, Arrow Medical maintains stringent training standards.

Clean room operations are regularly assessed to ensure all biological standards are maintained.

This is supported by both careful selection and staff training throughout the business from supplier selection to delivery to the sterile logistics chain.