Silicon Injection Moulding

All your components moulded with precision

Liquid silicone rubber systems, compression and injection moulding, over moulding, and seals. A full range of precision silicone moulded components is produced by Arrow Medical, including a variety of components for use in breathing apparatus for the safety industry. Components, sub-assemblies and complete products are destined for use in a variety of applications. These include breathing equipment, and medical sealing applications. Injection moulding presses are available for component production, extending from Maplan presses to Arburg, exclusively used for liquid silicone rubber work.

Arrow Medical uses a liquid silicone rubber (LSR) system, and a number of options that allow both small mouldings and components to be produced with combinations of materials.

Other moulding systems allow compression moulding of many different polymer formulations, and Arrow Medical’s technology also allows over-moulding to produce sub-assemblies, including combinations of rubbers, silicones, and other ‘hard’ or semi-rigid metals and plastics.