Textiles & RF Welding

Assembly of complex products using specialist techniques

Assembly of medical fabrics, films and textiles is one of Arrow Medical’s special skills. Complex products have been produced using precision fabric assembly techniques allied to RF welding, precision cutting, punching, multi-layer assembly and forming. A wide range of materials can be assembled using semi-automated sewing machines and RF welding stations, with capacity extending from 1,200 by 900mm to 220 by 60mm, with power outputs of between 3 and 15 kW. This allows polyesters, PVC, polyurethane, flame bonded laminates and films to be assembled, sewn and/or welded into complex sets to our customer’s specification.

Radio frequency welding provides a reliable and consistent sealing method with high inherent levels of cleanliness and biological compatibility, and is a flexible technique. It can be used as a single process or in conjunction with gluing or sewing to provide high integrity products for a number of applications, extending from inflatable mattress components to complete products to aid vascular specialists and other clinicians with complex treatments.

All components and sub-assemblies can be branded using precision screen printing,. Full packaging and labelling/bar coding can also be provided.